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We import, sell and repair DeLorean DMC-12.
Our shop is located at 4-2-1 Nishi-odakano, Toyohashi-city,  Aichi Pref., Japan
Our shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays. However, we also have unscheduled shop holidays because of the promotional events, etc.
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DMC-J and DeLorean DMC-12's(April, 2012)

Mr. Stephen Wynne (President of DMC-H at Houston, USA)
and the Boss of DMC-J

What's DMC-12 and DMC-J?

Late in the 1970’s, DMC-12 was given life by three illuminated people, J. Z. DeLorean (CEO of DMC), A. C. B. Chapman (Lotus), and G. Giugiaro (Ital Design).  They worked together to bring forth an unprecedented motor vehicle having everlasting stylish body with ageless sport mind.    However, the production model of DMC-12 was not accepted as a reliable car, since the rushed production caused by the financial pressure to the company forced them to use mosaic components without further modifications.  Before solving all initial problems and improving the reliability of the production model, the DeLorean Motor Company collapsed in 1982 with the total production of only 8000 DMC-12’s.      

     In 1997, Stephen Wynne, the current CEO of DeLorean Motor Company at Houston, USA (DMC-H), took over most of the parts for DMC-12 from bankrupted DMC in Northern Ireland through Consolidated International and KAPAC company, and started to maintain, restore and improve DMC-12’s all over the world.  Thanks to the efforts by DMC-H, the DMC-12 has now become a very reliable car once newly developed and/or improved parts are properly installed.  This is why a number of DMC-12’s is still on the road and loved by the original and new owners all over the world.  The DMC-H operates within USA and in Europe.  In Japan, DMC-J is the only authorized shop that specializes in maintenance, restoration and improving DMC-12, in special cooperation with DMC-H and other DMC group companies.

     The DMC group shops not only supply ordinary maintenance parts and services for DMC-12, but also develop improved electrical/fuel/transmission/engine parts and performance parts such as the sport camshafts, stainless steel exhaust system, and supercharger system for the original 2.8l V6 engine.  An introduction of an EV model of DMC-12 is scheduled in 2013, too.  

      DMC-J imports and sells DMC-12’s including the EV-model.  However, the potential customers of DMC-12 (including the EV model) are advised that all DMC-12’s will be imported as pre-owned cars, because of the safety and environmental regulations of Japan; DMC-12 is a 30-years-old vintage car, after all.  You cannot expect all comfort of modern 21st century cars in DMC-12.  For example, SRS airbag system is not installed in DMC-12.  However, DMC-12 is superb and safe in handling even 30 years after production, thanks to the solid chassis design by Lotus and to the tough PRV engine.  All necessary components including brand new chassis, body parts, suspension parts, engine and transmission parts are still available at any shops of the DMC group.  Therefore, the cost for the maintenance of DMC-12 is almost equivalent to that for most modern cars. With the long-lasting attractive body designed by Giugiaro and sport mind given by Lotus, DMC-12 will live forever with the original dream of the three illuminated People.

 DMC-Japan is the only shop you can expect proper services to your DMC-12, in  Japan and East-Asia area.  

  DMC-J is located at 4-2-1 Nishi-odakano, Toyohashi-city,  Aichi Prefecture, Japan. 

Our shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays.  However, we strongly recommend you to make an appointment by e-mail before you visit our shop, as we also have unscheduled shop holidays because of the promotional events, etc.

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